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About Us

Welcome to SEOtProsperity.com – Where you’ll find reliable Vancouver SEO Services & White-label SEO


What we do:

We have been doing search engine optimization for over ten years. We also specialize in social media marketing to foster an avid community for your business and turn your customers into promoters.

Before focusing our efforts to local SEO and internet marketing work, we have been offering “wholesale” or white-label SEO services online for several years. This involves doing the work for other offline consultants; we effectively get the results for their clients, prepare the report, and get their clients results. This means, we have a competitive advantage with experience and the ability to offer our services more efficiently.


Our approach to Vancouver SEO includes:

(1) results orientated – we work closely to ensure your marketing investment brings a positive return financially for the short and long run. This is done by choosing the right keywords and promotional techniques for your online campaign for your Vancouver based business.

(2) organic and promotional – search engine optimization is secondary to promoting your business. Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire and where there’s conversations, there are back links. The way we do SEO isn’t about spamming links (as some SEO Vancouver firms do) but we carefully and creatively craft a promotional strategy for you which involves social media marketing, content marketing, PR, and even growth hacking if appropriate. We seek how we can build up your website authority for the long run and set you up for success.

(3) white hat  and manual – all the work we conduct is 100% white-hat and 100% manual. Many SEO firms rightfully use automation tools to improve efficiency but there’s a measure of quality and uniqueness that can only be found manually. Automation tools are also frowned by Google and could get your websites penalized if misused. All our work is done manually from social bookmarks to content marketing.

We’ve been in this field for ten years and have seen the ups and downs, we’ve seen the changes and we predict the trends. We’re frequently conducting case studies to find more opportunities to promote our clients and get them the best results not only with search engine results page but where it matters with their pocket books.


Get in touch with SEOtProsperity for reliable Vancouver SEO Services:

We believe in building relationships and in the long term value of our work. Give us an opportunity to help you and contact us today.

Over the ten years of doing internet marketing and search engine optimization, we’ve seen many scrupulous techniques by other “internet marketing firms” that put a bad rep on the industry…we want your experience to be different.



SEO that’s Ahead of the Curve:

While our competitors were digging their heels into negative SEO (hurting other websites), or automation techniques, we were one of the few focusing on the social trend back in 2010.

This worked incredibly well with our complementing promotions and crowd sourcing which got clients on the top of search engines quicker and kept them there!

We can assure you full transparency with our work and importantly results you will be impressed with.


Some Testimonials of our “wholesale” SEO services:

Benjamin knows his stuff and is on the bleeding edge of SEO strategies and tactics. I have engaged him on numerous projects and he has over delivered on each of them providing outstanding results. He has also provided guidance on what I want to accomplish which allowed me to wow my clients. – Randy S.


About SEOtProsperity Services Inc.

So you’ve found a handful of prospective firms to optimize your site, increase traffic, and boost sales. Though you already know that hiring a SEO consultant or digital strategist is more than the service they provide; it’s important to know who you’re working with.

Please take a moment to learn more about SEOtProsperity, what we hope to do, and what we believe.

SEOtProsperity – Vision & Mission:

SEOtProsperity has been delivering search engine optimization RESULTs for clients over the past 4 years.

Our core competencies lies with search engine optimization primarily on a wholesale/white-label market; this said, we take a holistic approach to search engine optimization. SEO is MORE than “building links” and pushing key terms throughout your site. When doing SEO we ensure first your onsite is effectively optimized and then design a strategy for your offsite according to your budget and your goals/objectives.

SEOtProsperity Values:

  • Integrity and Sincerity: At the forefront of our business we care about integrity. We are a grace-driven and strive to maintain utmost respect in all situations. When you work with SEOtProsperity you can be assured we take the extra mile so to speak in ensuring a honest, above-table approach to helping you. Our desire is to network and build constructive business relationships with positive foundations. We’re not shysters.
  • Results-Orientated Marketing (Positive ROI – for you): We don’t aim to deliver results, we deliver RESULTS. Results are important at SEOtProsperity. When graphing any service packets or campaign plans, we continually seek how we may maximize results through a combination of case-study knowledge, learnt knowledge, applied knowledge all with Grace. When you work with SEOtProsperity, you can know that we’re doing all we can to get you results with your digital marketing campaign.
  • Innovation & Growth (Learning): We’re real keeners when it comes to learning. The internet is rapidly changing and you can’t hold on to old-school methods all the time. At SEOtProsperity we’re continually seeking to learn and innovate; building on what others’ have shared, doing our own case studies, and occasionally sharing our own experiences. We strive to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. With SEO you can’t always play catch-up, we are continually seeking for unique ways to promote websites (and in turn achieve links) such as how we initially used SlideShare for viral marketing and disclosed this within our “Social Explosion” eBook. We learn from our mistakes as well.
  • Customer Service & Uniqueness: At SEOtProsperity we have come to realize the vital component of customer service. I’ve had bad service experiences and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. At SEOtProsperity we hope to excel and build individual relationships with our clients; we are selective with who we work with so we can genuinely help those we do. When working with SEOtProsperity know that we hold to maintaining a personable business relationship.
  • Delivering Value: Finally, we have frequently be recommended numerous times for our low-cost, high-impact services. Services that deliver results. Services that WORKs! We started with the wholesale/white-label market delivering our search engine optimization services to professional webmasters and offline consultants. We still continue to deliver value today and seek how we can minimize cost for our clients. You know you’re getting a great deal when you’re working with SEOtProsperity.

SEOtProsperity Mission:

At SEOtProsperity we seek to deliver measurable results with innovative online marketing grounded in faith and values. We seek to be set apart from the traditional market and to be a blessing to our clients.