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We officially launched SEOtProsperity brand in 2011 though the core team has been doing SEO since 2009/2010.

We noticed too many SEO service providers were over-priced and gouging clients. We came in with the intentions to completely change this. We continually seek to learn and utilize cross-promotion (think two birds with one stone) to deliver higher value for clients at affordable prices.

Why we’ve continually emphasized MANUAL service

One aspect that differentiates us is our emphasis on manual service. It is foolish not to utilize technology to your advantage though there’s a line where it becomes a nuances and spam. With our services, since our introduction we seek to effectively capitalize tools for increasing efficiency and analysis although when possible and monetary feasible (for client pricing) we try to get things done manually which adds a personal touch that bots cannot deliver; importantly most sites shun bots and is against their terms of service.

SEOtProsperity Target Market

To respect the profit margins of other SEO Firms we decided however that it would be best for us to emphasis our target market towards the resell market because of our ability to deliver high rankings at low prices. Our goal is to do this to our best of our ability; helping our clients to prosper. Along with this, we have recently expanded to reach local businesses with an interest to consult more directly with local business owners who impact our communities on a day-to-day basis.

A little about HOW

No business can sustain financially if they aren’t making profit in the long run. It’s good to know that we do make a respective profit although HOW do we keep your prices low?

We are able to deliver results with low cost and pass on the savings to customers. Continually we invest in learning and innovating to keep things more effective for clients.

We have established and experienced off-shore teams to deliver the manual aspects of SEO. As noted we do a lot of work manually as we’ve notice bots don’t deliver the same results – since 100s of firms would be doing the EXACT same thing, that’s a little hipster of us, I know.  We do use technology to our advantage but certain things are best done manual. (a prime example: you get better effectiveness because of the unique link list with social bookmarks than 100s of pligg sites that a software can submit to).

We also implement techniques that get your site ranks. We largely focus on link diversity; giving you a good link profile of do follow and no follow links from various quality link sources. We also use only selected and filtered list of links; if you use a bot many of the link sources are already exploited…this is why we put emphasis on manual work.