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Best Green Web Hosting

Feb 21, 2018   //   by admin   //   SEOtProsperity Blog  //  No Comments

In today’s blog post, we’re going to explore the topic of green web hosting. We will be following up this blog post with another article on Canadian web hosting followed by a brief tutorial on how to effortlessly set up a business website or blog yourself without hiring a web developer/designer. It may surprise you how easy it is to create your own professionally looking business website; it doesn’t even require much time nor technical understanding.

Many web developers/designers make it seem harder than it is. Indeed, if you’re looking for a custom designed website, it would take a substantial investment but if you’re looking for a clean, functional, and aesthetically professional website (which you can then customize to suite you brand with content and colours) then you can set one up in a few minutes. If you want to do it yourself, you will save a lot of money and still get a functional and SEO-friendly website without having to wait on your web designer. Put the power in your hands. Some people may offer a “free website design” but what they are actually doing is just installing a CMS and template for you (You can do it yourself in five minutes with our tutorial in the upcoming blog post.) It’s always best to be in control of your own website and not allow someone administrative access to your business website unless you fully trust them and have a contract signed. (It would be easy for them to exploit your website otherwise without your knowledge which is why I wouldn’t suggest falling for the “free website” gimmicks by some individuals unless they have a reputable and trusted brand. It’s like those time-share free vacation; you’re going to end up paying one way or another. You’re going to be paying one way or another with those gimmicks.)

Before you begin your website, you must find a reliable green web hosting service provider. Much like choosing a cellular provider, you want a trusted green web hosting company that can deliver reliability. You also want a green web hosting company that uses cPanel (because it is the easiest and most intuitive control panel for managing your web hosting.) and has Softaculous or Fantistico script installed on cPanel (This makes it easy for you to have one-click installation on a variety of Content Management Systems also known as CMS to make managing your content easy. For example popular CMS are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.)

Why Green Web Hosting:


What to look for in a good Green Web Hosting:


Best Green Web Hosting

We’ve taken an extensive look at various green web hosting services. We’ve tried many of them ourselves and have three that we can confidently recommend to you if you were our clients.

1) A2 Hosting:


2) Host Papa:


3) FatCow:


Green Web Hosting Conclusion:

Your BEST best if you’re looking for green web hosting is none other than A2 Hosting. It is the current web hosting we use for various important sites because of their fast page-load speeds. The FASTEST I’ve seen in 10 years of digital marketing. A fully-loaded WordPress website loads in just 1 second. A blank installation loads in 500 ms. Most web hosting service would usually take 3-4 seconds for the same website on a shared environment. A2 Hosting have been able to truly fine-tune their servers to ensure optimal delivery and performance.

There is one draw-back with A2 Hosting, their support is not very good unless you pay the extra $19.99 per month for “Premium Support” which is quite a rip-off since Virtual Private Servers at KnownHost with phenomenal support starts at just $28/month.  (Full support, not tiered regular and premium support.)

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for reliable green web hosting then A2 Hosting is your best bet. You won’t likely need their support reps too often once you have your website up. Their up-time (“time during which a machine, especially a computer, is in operation.“) is phenomenal as well.

So if green hosting is important to you and you want reliable web hosting for your business/website, then we would highly recommend A2 Hosting. (You can get 51% off your first billing cycle with this linked coupon.)


Green Web Hosting to Skip:

GreenGeeks is the popular selection for green web hosting however as you will see on their Yelp reviews, the experience of customers isn’t what you would call a positive relationship. Don’t fall for their marketing allure.


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