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SEOtProsperity new $99 Package

May 7, 2014   //   by admin   //   Local SEO, SEOtProsperity Service Portfolio  //  No Comments

Get found by your customers online

Introductory $99 Package by Wholesale SEO firm helps local businesses increase web presence and get more customers.

Running a business can be complicated and time consuming enough; let us help you with your online marketing to make the most out of your website. Spend (5) minutes with the 5 questions bellow; it’s an investment you don’t want to miss.

Every small business wants to increase popularity and web presence, sales and customers. Let us tell you HOW and let’s genuinely help you achieve it.


Why is search engine optimization important?

1)      Customers are online, you should be too: More and more consumers search online for their offline purchases from dental services to café to auto repairs. Prove our point!

Go to Google Keyword Planner and search up the service/product you’re offering and the city to see MONTHLY how many people need your service.

[Take Coquitlam Florists as an example: Coquitlam Florist – 210, Coquitlam florists – 40, Coquitlam flower Delivery – 40, Florists in Coquitlam BC – 20, Florist Coquitlam BC – 20]

[How about Vancouver Florist: Florist Vancouver – 480, Flower shop Vancouver – 210, Vancouver Florist – 590]

There are MANY more key terms that can be found. Whichever niche you’re in, it’s likely your customers are looking for you online…are you being found?


2)      Your Website is your BEST employee:  Digital advertising and online presence is proven to have a direct correlation to offline sales. It’s so common a term ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) has been coined to describe this mass market of consumers. Many research papers have presented a correlation between the web and retail sales. [If you have the time you can check out this report] A research by Forrester shown that 53% of retail sales are directly affected by the web.

Importantly, as search engine land points out, “It’s open 7 days a week, all year long, and never calls in sick or reports late to work. It does whatever it’s told to do, and pulls in sales, leads and opt-ins like clockwork. Your website is your ‘perfect employee’, multitasking effectively, tackling thousands of prospects at once, and only limited by what you ask of it. “


3)      Search engine optimization is an investment (not a cost): In marketing, building a brand with trust and creditability can bring you a long way. Search engine optimization builds value to your website; it helps develop brand recognition and serve as a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Websites are ranked on 100s of factors although a significant attribute is the “site authority” and creditability. When doing search engine optimization, we seek to see how we can present your business site as a creditable source of information and build its “authority”. This can take time so the sooner you start the greater the advantage you have. By investing in search engine optimization, you’re (1) adding the value your website adds to your business while (2) investing directly into its authority/creditability/website value and importantly (3) generating traffic, leads, and sales. It’s an investment that pays itself over.

Take this from Search Engine Land, “Would you design and order all those visiting cards and brochures at considerable expense, and then just lock them up in a shelf? Of course not.

By ignoring SEO, that’s exactly what you’re doing with your fancy new website. A website that could have been viewed by thousands of your best prospects and ideal clients. A website that you’re now leaving to the whim and fancy of Google to rank at its will.”


How do you Search engine Optimized your Site?

Search engine optimization is basic to understand though harder to implement. You can sum up search engine optimization for your business site into two main categories:

(1)    Onsite SEO = this means you make your website cater to your target audience and make sure search engine knows it does!

(2)    Offsite SEO = this is a little more varied and complex. It’s about getting “votes” by having other relevant sites recommend you. More so, it’s about how you promote your website (beyond the search engine) and show that it’s the “real deal” when it comes to relevance for those search terms.

I can expand these two key points to 100s of pages although I’ll do my best to give you a brief summary of how we do each (though by no means exhaustive; some examples)

–          For onsite SEO, we have to look at your overall website structure. Is it easy to navigate? Consider it this way, if you walk into a grocery store, you expect milk to be in the dairy section, you expect bread to be in the bakery…likewise you want your website to be properly categorized and browse-able.

–          For onsite SEO, we also look at your user experience. Bounce rate is what it’s being called. When users come on your site, what’s their impression? Are pushing them away with too many promotional exercises? Have you ever walked in a store and deterred by the pushy sales?

–          For onsite SEO, we look at your keyword optimization. This is important. You want to make sure search engines know what your website is about. What words you use on your website keys to your niche and your topic. It’s important to have a good distribution of your targeted key term and proper usage in your “key indicators” which are things like your website title and description. Consider, if I walk into a pizza store, I’d expect to see pizza information, what if I saw sushi everywhere?

–          For offsite SEO, we look at your online visibility. Offsite SEO can be done in many ways; it’s basically a creative promotional campaign. We like to find ways to get your website online, not only for the links (something like votes in search engines) but importantly the web presence (where people actually see your site). We may do this through press releases to communicate information, through using videos communicate your service, or social sites to share about your website. There are many more approach to take


How can we (SEOtProsperity) help?

If you asked me to change the car oil or if you asked me to make a delicious espresso; I wouldn’t know how to. Could I learn it? Surely! Would I be the best at it? Probably not until a lot of practice and knowledge.

Trying to do search engine optimization yourself is a bit difficult; there’s a lot of information you need to know. There’s some intuition you need…and then there are the algorithms. (Changes introduced by fluffy animal names like penguin or panda that leave many star-struck)

We frequently keep up to the latest trends and creatively think of new ways to promote our own website and our clients’ website. This is what we enjoy, this is what we do well.


At SEOtProsperity, we hope to provide you with affordable, professional search engine optimization services so you can do what you do best and we can do what we do best. We try to price our services fair and competitive while making sure not to skimp on the quality. It helps to have someone come alongside you and help you answer any questions and making sense of these techno lingo as well.

We’ve been doing search engine optimization and social media marketing for a long-long time (ago in a land far far away…sorry). In all seriousness, for a long time we have specialized in helping other webmasters, offline business consultants, and internet marketers with their website and their clients’ website.


What is the $99 Package?

That’s a great question. The $99 package is a new package we’ve specially introduced as we begin to we’ve work directly with business owners like yourself. This is a complete introductory package designed to get you results at minimal costs. We have priced so any business owner who is serious about growing their business is able to afford it.

The package covers the basics (1) onsite optimization (2) offsite promotion (3) reporting and included in the mix we offer free consultation as needed and importantly results-tracking so you can keep updated.

Bringing our experience with wholesale and white label SEO market, we have tried to maximize the value for you and this is what we’ve done with the $99 package. To find out more about the $99 package, click here.

(Note: The $99 Package does not have any monthly fee and is a simple payment like how we serve the wholesale market – it reduces risks and increases the value we can offer)


What are you waiting for?

If you have any questions, we’d be glad to hear from you…else what are you waiting for? I know you’re serious about growing your business, you’re eager to get more customers so I’d recommend you avoid waiting.

This package is being released temporarily as we introduce our service to the retail SEO market (as oppose to our wholesale/white-label market) hence we may be taking this package down once we sold out to ensure we’re able to effectively serve each client. Typically our wholesale packages online sell out quickly, we price it to deliver the best value.

If you have questions, we recommend that you get in touch with us here. We’re more than happy to help with any questions you may have!