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The BEST InstaSuite Bonus: Complete Internet Marketing Tool & Promotional expertise

Oct 22, 2016   //   by admin   //   Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

UPDATE – October 21, 2016: Yes our incredible InstaSuite Bonus is still available. Read for more details.

We wanted to create an InstaSuite Bonus that will compel you to success. Seeing as how Insta-Suite in itself is an all-in-one system for your business. We’ve crafted a bonus that effectively provides you an all-rounded solution. This InstaSuite bonus ensures you not only have the tools needed for success but even the work/experience to get you reaping SALES for your product.

We want to motivate you to take action and do something. Not just dreaming about what you would like to do some day but actually doing something today that will guarantee you sales!

Are you looking to create that fitness course? Work out routine? New diet? Share your pheonomal guitar skills? Provide your favourite dessert recipes?

InstaSuite is the platform that will provide all the technical support and internet marketing tools you need to create that dream product, make a name for yourself, build up your influencer status, and share your knowledge. Our InstaSuite bonus is the best bonus that you are motivated to create your product and get a return in sales for your effort!

Watch this InstaSuite Video here!

About the BEST InstaSuite bonus:

We will carefully craft a marketing campaign for you to get you revenue and sales.

(1) We will review and understand your product.

(2) We will identify your target demographic and a promotional angle.

(3) We craft a full promotional strategy considering the best promotional medium to use. – This will likely be generating traffic, on our own expense, through Google/Bing/Facebook ads leading either to a pre-sell content, lead funnel, or another form of content. We may also do a wider promotional campaign focused rather on product’s reputation and authority online through content marketing – even getting content onto authority sites like Huffington Post or Entrepreneur.com if suitable.

The objective in all this is to generate at least $250 in sales for your newly launched product at a 50% affiliate commission (for that matter, we’re promoting InstaSuite as an affiliate as well. We get a percentage of the purchase without costing you another cent).

This is the best InstaSuite bonus you will find! Tangible sales, revenue and income!

Click here to Get InstaSuite and our InstaSuite Bonus now!


Why Not Other InstaSuite Bonuses?

You don’t need a lot of Cyber Dust with some other Instasuite bonus.

Other bonuses give you LOADS of outdated PLR Software they bought that you won’t really use. It will be a shiny object that distracts you rather than help you. These are also often PLR software meaning that thousands of other people are distributing the same software without much control or scarcity – this quickly outdates the software and renders it useless for you.

Your effort will be a penny dropped in a well if you use these PLR software.

It is more of a hindrance and disservice for you to have some of these “bonuses” than a benefit…its dead weight on your hard drive, cyber dust, and storage space taken that you won’t use. As my computer science professor years ago would say at UBC, “there are only two types of software….those that get updated and those that you don’t use.”

Many of these PLR software given away as “bonuses” fall into the latter category. You need your own custom solution and this is what we provide for you! Not a bunch of outdated software but actual human hours in promoting your product, knowledge, skills, combined with years of experience. Effort and execution applied on your behalf, for your success! This is the InstaSuite bonus we’re providing you for a limited time – we may remove this bonus at any time (It will be indicated above if the bonus is no longer available) as there are only so many new products we can allocate our time towards.

Affiliates typically avoid new and untested product but we will help you promote your product to get you started and get your sales rolling.

We request 50% commission as we will be spending a lot of time understanding your product, hours executing the strategy requiring experience and knowledge, then risking our capital on ad costs. You just get the guaranteed sales!


HUGE Value & Minimum $250 Sales:

It seems simple but A LOT of work, experience, and strategizing goes into ensuring we can deliver the incredible InstaSuite Bonus. In the rare event that we are unable to generate $250 in sales for your new product, we’ll pay the amount you would have gotten ($125-any sales*0.5). This ensures you get at least $125 for your investment and development – you also have an asset you can leverage and our promotions will add value to your asset, possibly even helping new affiliates discover your product.


The Process and Details:

With our promotions we can either:

(1) focus on the short-term input::output sales, creating a system or

(2) focus on building the asset, domain authority, and product branding online.

While #2 typically is done only on client-work basis because the direct ROI is not as measurable or direct as #1, we always enjoy helping good businesses and may do #2 strategy for a few products that are high caliber. Effectively we are excited about being able to help you; we’ll do things beyond the extrinsic incentive but the satisfaction of helping others and building relationships.

At SEOtProsperity Services Inc., relationships (as well as execution and balance sheets) are critically important to us. We have helped local clients on an almost pro-bono basis simply because we believed in their business and valued the relationship; we have also cut off clients because we did not value their relationship. (Mainly that their motives and objectives differed from our values.)

Get your InstaSuite Bonus.

(Free) Bing Ads coupons for 2015

Dec 24, 2014   //   by admin   //   Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

Every business should have a comprehensive online marketing campaign to remain in today’s competitive environment. If you’re not capitalizing on digital advertising, you can be sure your competitors are (and reaping the benefits in brand recognition, leads, and sales).

Importantly, once you’ve invested in developing your site, you need to maximize your 24/7 employee (your website) with online traffic. You’ve already paid the fixed cost and now you can liken web advertising to economies of scale. With getting web traffic, you want to consider different avenues as there are no lack of opportunities to bring your website before consumers.

Personally, I am bias towards search engine traffic (for good reason) because (1) you can more effectively track your results (2) you’re being less obtrusive since you get in front of prospective customers searching for services/product you offer (3)  it’s more predictable –  search engine traffic is traditionally more analytical (4)  traffic quality – back to point #2, search engine traffic is traditionally more primed to buy than social media traffic.

Although when it comes to search engine traffic there are two models you may choose with

  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing: This pertains to pay per click, getting adverts on specific key terms related to your niche/business. The advantages of SEM being that you can get traffic almost instantly and the primary draw-back being you are paying per click which can be a running costs or a recyclable profit machine. The two major network for SEM should be 1. Google Adwords, which is hard to break into profit because of the intense competition and 2. Bing-Yahoo ads network. Bing-Yahoo Ads network is my personal favourite because it’s equally as good to Google in terms of overall traffic quality (not data driven opinion – experienced base comment) and is much easier to manage because of the lower competition resulting in cheaper cost per click (less spending per customer acquired) and reasonable traffic.

Any small business considering to get started with SEM should highly consider the Bing Ads network as their first choice to test the waters (they will likely be more inclined to success on the Bing network than Google).

Both these networks are providing coupon codes for new accounts to get you started; you’ll likely need it as there may be a learning curve where you’ll waste a few initial dollars invested. Once you find a profitable campaign with a positive ROI, the payoffs will be nice.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization: This pertains to organic search engine traffic, getting clicks on your first page listing. The advantage of SEO being creditability and establishment value and the primary draw-back being the time it takes to develop these rankings (you have to consider importantly your content quality and then effectively promote your business through content production and sharing along with effective social media and web promotion activities).


Although with this said, by incorporating a SEO strategy you also benefit indirectly from a validation of your website quality as it forces you to consider the user experience along with traffic and publicity derived from the web promotions completed.

Effectively, any sound online strategy should incorporate both SEO and SEM. While SEO will require further patience and a longer pay off, SEM will supplement you with faster results to work with and test your performance.

With all this said, I’m glad to inform you that Bing Ads is offering significant incentive for new business registrants. This includes a $100 immediate promo code upon registration and another $125 Bing Ads coupon you may obtain from other sources.

Here’s the breakdown of likely the best Bing Ads coupons for 2015:

  • $100 USD/CAD Bing Ads coupon for new account registrations:

Claim the offer here, for US residents.

Claim the offer here, for Canadian Residents.


  • $100 USD Bing Ads coupon code with Godaddy WordPress web hosting

Click here to obtain the coupon code.

You should receive a $100 coupon code (valid in 2015) with your WordPress hosting registration. The current promotion entails web hosting at $1/month which is quite an impressive price.


  • $25 USD Bing Ads coupons from Bing webmaster.

Valid only in US – Bing Webmaster here.

They should send you the free voucher for $25 Bing Ads after your registration. Also valid in 2015.


  • We’ll keep this updated as new information arise to your benefit.

There you have it! Here’s the brief outline to how you can get as much as $225 USD in free Bing advertising.

I have personally been doing quite a bit of Bing Ads learning and tests; I find the Bing Ads network traffic converts very well and we’re finding a positive ROI across most campaigns. The CPC is very reasonable and fractions of what you may pay elsewhere (base on the keyword tools at Bing vs. Google, some key terms at Bing are 25% of the CPC on Google!)

Here are some tips to consider if you intend on making use of these Bing Ads coupons:

  • In location targeting, “advance location settings”, you NEED to set option 2 which is receiving traffic only within your geo-targeting locations. The standard setting is to locations in or talked about in search. (which may not be relevant for a local business)
  • Select ONLY traffic from Syndicated Search Partners (SSP), do not go for content partners. The traffic from content partners seems more susceptible to fake and low-converting clicks. We have had good results with search engine and not so with content partners; you must explicitly set this.
  • Don’t micro manage your campaigns when you have first started; give it your best shot to get a good click through rate although don’t let it absorb you.

Those are some of the basic tips to consider when using your Bing ads coupon codes for now. There are a whole list of optimization tweaks to consider although it would be too lengthy to detail them here. (Perhaps in a later blog post I may highlight our top 10 optimization favourites)

If you’re looking to learn about PPC with Bing Ads then make sure to reference this free online tutorial made available by Bing. It’s very comprehensive, easily accessible to Bing Ads clients, and chalked with helpful tips:


This concludes our lengthy post. If you have any questions or comments please join the discussion on disqus or email [email protected]

Clickbank Exchange 2014

Dec 29, 2013   //   by admin   //   Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

Click here to grab your Clickbank Exchange Tickets

It’s expected to run out soon with less than 200 tickets left

Clickbank Exchange 2014 is sneaking up soon January 15th. This year’s conference features some keynote speakers like Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank investor) and Scott Kelliher (Yahoo’s Tech Telco)

Why Mobile? (For businesses & affiliates)
As outlined here are some convincing reasons why the mobile market is something you should consider. This year’s Clickbank Exchange conference will cover how to approach mobile platform successfully – The focus this year features mobile and how you can grow your business using mobile strategy.

– 34% of your potential customers have already made at lest one purchase on their smartphone or mobile device.
– By 2015, it’s estimated that up to half of all online purchases will be from mobile devices.
– That means up to HALF of your FUTURE customers will buy your ClickBank info products right from their tablet or smartphone.
– 72% of Americans own smartphones and/or tablets.
– 75% of Americans bring their smartphones with them to the bathroom (yeah…no joke!)
– 67% of us check our smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up.
– Time spent on mobile devices for all industrialized nations has TRIPLED since 2009 and will triple again over the next 12 – 18 months.

More and more consumers are using mobile phones as their go-to-source for internet access on the go, quick purchases and convenience, it’s with good reason the buzz with mobile marketing isn’t slowing down any time soon.


What do you get out of CB Exchange 2014?

Upon registration to the event, participants are given an all-access pass to ClickBank Exchange 2014 happening at The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pass also includes entry to the speed networking event with super affiliates and top vendors, and the famed cocktail party where anybody can meet somebody and strike a deal with each other. There are freebies given away too. Included in the package are Jon Benson’s “28-Day Product Creation Formula”, Tellman Knudson’s “The Millionaire Habits”, and an hour’s worth of business optimization call with one of the elite ClickBank Experts. All these are part of the $297 registration fee, all-in and discounted, if you register for the event today.

What is ClickBank Exchange and who is it for?

ClickBank Exchange is an affiliate and online marketers’ meet sponsored by ClickBank, happening regularly. ClickBank is the world’s biggest affiliate marketing network, never failing to attract big name players in the online marketing industry. This event is especially created for aspiring and seasoned affiliates or vendors. Anybody who wants to penetrate the dynamic online market, but more especially the growing mobile community are highly advised to join this event to further promote and successfully improve their business this 2014.

Should you still have some questions about Clickbank Exchange you can click the link to learn more about it.