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04 Client Testimonials

One major problem with hiring business online without any face-to-face consultation is accountability. You want to be certain that the firm which you engage is well able to deliver the result and service you desire.

We have been pleased to have the privilege of working with numerous reputable marketers and individuals who have spoken up for us (isn’t right when one person is doing all the talking)


Avardinth: Avardinth is the author of Lazy Google Dominator, Warrior forum Special offer of the day product with 1000s of copies sold. He has featured our service within his guide (without commission or any such incentive) to provide a key element of implementing his techniques

Here are the noted results:

robmc23: Rob is a great guy and an average Joe. He doesn’t have any degree in internet marketer though an honest, and true personality. People like him who we enjoy working with.

Ry Mac (Ryan Mckinney): Ryan is a soldier! Literally, before his internet marketing career Ryan worked as a marine (we respect him for his service). This guy is seriously the cream of the crop for internet marketing especially concerning offline consulting. Ryan has written a series of offline consulting guides (Offline Legion, Offline Legion 2) and conducts his own coaching program to bring average joes to successful offline consultants!

Thank you for taking the time to read these testimonies, if you would like more please feel free to email [email protected]

We would be glad to communicate directly with you on the phone, skype or via email. Please use the contact form on the contact us page to get in touch

Please note: We no longer offer packaged service since Penguin 2.0 increased emphasis with onsite factors. We provide selective work for a complete white-label SEO Service.