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Idea: maximize Real Estate video tours

Jan 21, 2017   //   by admin   //   Real Estate agents, Search Engine Optimization 101  //  No Comments

The initial title of this post is “When good is good enough.” The objective of the content is two folds (1) encourage real estate agents to use video tours. In a world where time and convenience are valuable assets, video tours are largely appreciated by prospective buyers and serve as effective promotional materials for real estate agents (2) to encourage real estate agents to maximize their return and minimize their risk. Emphasizing, real estate agents in Vancouver or across Canada do not need to find a professional video production agency to create these simple video walk through – though they could – but the essence and purpose of these real estate video tour can be accomplished at an amateur level. You may find value in outsourcing it for $200-$300 a video but it doesn’t add much more marginal value to your marketing purpose to invest an additional $1000-$2000 to engage a professional video production agency. It’s about finding the maximum efficiency and reducing your risks by reducing your investment.

Albeit, the title “when good is good enough” doesn’t fit as search engine friendly to the target market of reaching real estate agents in Vancouver and Canada. So with the interest of helping more real estate agents, I decided rather to stick with a slightly boring title to simplify our search engine optimization process and expand our reach!


Now, on to the regularly scheduled post…


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