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Must-Have graphics tool + free advertising dollars

Jul 17, 2016   //   by admin   //   SEOtProsperity Updates  //  No Comments

Dear readers,

This is a quick post to share about a very powerful and indispensable online graphic design tool that will help small/medium business owners.

=> Click here to watch how YouZign 2.0 works.

It’s a drag-and-drop graphics editor that allows you to create just about any simple graphics you need for your website or social media pages.

Among other things, you can use it to create (1) business cards (2) banner ads (3) social media headers/profile picture (4) product images (5) simple website changes (6) website images (7) YouTube slides.

Imagine being able to save money on your graphic design or create lucrative banner ads with high click through rate? This is basically what YouZign 2.0 does.

We’re sharing about it because it’s a tool I personally have and can highly recommend.

You save the extravagant costs of hire a freelance graphic designer for simple graphics. Save the hassle of telling Fiverr designers explicitly what you need and wait (just do it yourself in minutes with YouZign 2.0.). Traditional graphic designers will also take quite a bit of time and at least $25 per banner. I know SMB owners love to take things into their own hands and save costs.

Everything is online with their cloud base software so it’s truly point and click.


We’d also like to share that this link will provide you $50 in advertising dollars for Bing Ads. Register for a $5/month web hosting at Fat Cow (warning: EIG web hosting company) for another $100 in Bing advertising.

I suggest you use it as a temporary 1-2 months of back-up hosting should your primary servers go down and simply benefit from the free advertising to test the waters and see if SEM provides a good ROI for your business.

This will be enough to get you approximately 200-300 prospective customers on your website or lead capture form.


Thanks for your time. If we can help in any manner or if you have any questions please comment bellow.

Ps. SEOtProsperity is looking at creating a SME business resource forum (private-members question and answers) with free access for small business owners. This is basically to provide absolutely free consulting for small business owners (or marketing team) in a collective environment. We love helping SMB prosper and hope this will enable us to be able to help more people even with our limited time availability. (Rest assure, we won’t be trying to sell you any services….we’ll also provide honest and helpful advice as your friend.)


Disclaimer – SEOtProsperity receives a commission for all sales of YouZign 2.0 click through our link. With this said, I would not recommend any product that is sub-par or that I don’t think will help you be more successful with your internet marketing efforts. (make things easier, save you time, or make you more profits)

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