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Real Estate Agents caught in the hype

Apr 15, 2016   //   by admin   //   SEOtProsperity Updates  //  No Comments

I was recently going through tens of real estate agent profiles while doing our extensive search for a website content and conducted throughout checks into various real estate agents.

One thing I notice through this was how many real estate agents are striving so hard to remain “hip” and technologically up to date, it’s almost comedic. On one hand I wanted to say bravo for your efforts, on another hand I felt sorry that these business owners were getting caught up with all these hype and shiny objects.

It’s important to know what works for your business. There are countless shiny buttons on the internet because where there’s profit to be made, people will create all kinds of stuff. Still, to adopt something for the sake of appearance rather than practicality won’t do much good.

You should identify what would add to the user experience in your niche. It first comes from understanding your website visitors and prospective customers then to identify what tools and plugins may help to better their experience rather than serve as a distraction.

I got a good chuckle looking at some of these over decked websites and unnatural social profiles of real estate agents. It’s important to be yourself both in person and online. Let your personality shine through and be genuine so people can truly connect with you and build a relationship. Business is about relationships. You don’t want them connecting to a fake you with too much make-up else the relationship will be superficial. So, basically, go ahead and add all those shiny objects you want to your website but ask this one question, “how will it help those using my website to know me and my services better?” In this example, perhaps having

I did affiliate marketing for many years (selling people products online) and I am well familiar with the many over complicated product variations that internet marketers can create. It’s like the apple cult, they create one new twist and you got to get the whole new phone. You got 20 different kinds of video pop-ups. You got another 30 different types of website timer for scarcity. As the icing on the cake, you got many other widgets that barely help you. These over complicated features when sometimes simplicity and focusing on quality service and excellence is what you need.

It’s like those TV shopping channel except online. Also many inexperienced internet marketers will tell you to jump on this new innovation or on that new innovation; it’s like investing in start-ups (a small margin will be useful and the rest will fade out). My advice? Stick to the tried and true and keep an eye on the up and coming…it’s not too late to adopt things when they are in the early majority phase. Meanwhile focus on delivering excellent service, down to earth personality, and building genuine personalities – tried and true principles that build great businesses for the long haul. Differentiate yourself in an attention deficit generation.


If you’re a real estate agent, I encourage you…yes, it is important for you to maintain up to date with trends and industry movements. In this case, technology and the internet have drastically changed the landscape for real estate agents.

Take for example social media. There are many social media networks but not all serve the same purpose. As a real estate agent, you’d be better off focusing your efforts where the majority of your target audience is present. You may want to focus your efforts towards Facebook and Linked In, in this case.

Twitter may not be the best platform as you won’t expect someone to buy a home from you with 140 characters. I’ve seen some real estate agents trying too hard to make it work. You have profiles with 5000 following and 300 followers (a key sign they’ve fallen for the myth that Twitter is about follower backs. I think of this like a small child looking for more attention – I’ll like you if you like me? Not a way a business should represent their professionalism).

Twitter does work well however when people follow you for the content you procure. Twitter is the social network if you’re an influence-r and people want to connect with you on a personal level.

Regardless if you’re an influence-r real estate agent or not, there is one big use for Twitter still, that’s your SEO social signals. Share your blog posts there and any new listings you may have.


The reason why we’ve continued to offer our web marketing services instead of emphasizing on our web assets development is because I genuinely want to help people who deserve it. It’s my desire and intent to see people blessed in their occupation. If you need some help or some advice with your web presence, please feel free to leave a comment bellow or contact us. I promise, we won’t try to sell you something, just provide our honest help (where time permits). I love meeting people and building relationships.

In fact, I have no problem operating SEOtProsperity Services Inc. at a break even point (while growing) on the basis of helping other people and creating value. I am a firm believer that business is about creating value and in due time this will result will come with consistently good management practices.

Focus not so much on the profit and personal gain but focus on helping others, stick at it along enough and see the end results.

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