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SEO Services

At SEOtProsperity we started specializing to provide white-label SEO services to the wholesale market. This meant we target primarily webmasters, offline consultants, and other marketing firms. We did this largely because we were able to deliver results at lower costs.

We have been very successful in doing so although as time passed; we developed a more direct interest to working with businesses locally for their success.

The Change:

Unless you’re talking about Macdonlad’s French Fry, things change. We still do offer white-label SEO services for wholesale clients though we’re actively seeking to establish ourselves locally within Canada.

We have developed an interest with local businesses and start-ups and enjoy working directly with these business owners and entrepreneurs for their success.

(If you’re looking for a firm to deliver results at great prices, we still offer white-label services which you can check out here … and you be assured we will NOT encroach near your target market to avoid conflicted interest)

If you’re looking for a experienced, seasoned search engine optimization business to come alongside and help your business compete in today’s actively evolving environment, we encourage you to contact us.

As we approach this transition, we’re first beginning by providing packaged services at only $99. That’s it! One flat fee, no recurring. Learn more about our offline service package here.