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$99 Business SEO Service

SEOtProsperity has been the secret behind many offline business consultants and webmaster website ranking success for the past 3 years. We’re now FINALLY bringing our services DIRECTLY to Business Owners locally in Vancouver at unbeatable rates, proven service, and fast RESULTS.

[Comparison chart, with competitor 1, competitor 2, and SEOtProsperity with price & checklist]


What we do for you?

–          Full Website analysis with recommendations and report ($30-$50 Value): Search engine optimization starts with your website (though it doesn’t end there). We will help you analyze your website manually to provide actionable guidelines to make your website more search engine friendly.

–          Optional 30 minutes consultation on digital strategy ($25 Value): We’re interested to know you better and to help you succeed.

Once the initial set-up phase, you can choose between package A or package B depending on your business objectives and environment.

Package A: This is great for businesses in the F&B industry or most others that may not have a ready news story for the press release.

–          Youtube Video Blog ($30 Value): A video blog of 1 minute will be created and search engine optimized before it’s uploaded to Youtube.

–          Promoting Youtube Video ($20 Value): We will promote your video with likes and social bookmarks to increase it’s value.


–          200 MANUAL social bookmarks ($20 Value):  Social bookmarks are powerful when done right. We will manually submit your website to 200 social bookmark sites with page-rank.

–          Local MANUAL directory submission ($20 Value): To increase exposure of your website, we will submit your website to local directories manually which makes it easier for customers to find you.

–          Social Media Promotion ($20 Value): We will add real social shares and votes for your website which is important for search engine optimization.

–          Relevant textual links ($25 Value): We will add 200 relevant textual links for your website to boost your “link juice”. These links act as “recommendations” or votes for your sites.

–          Local SEO initiatives ($30 Value): Like most marketing tasks, SEO is best done with your target market in mind. This task will vary from site to site.

Package B: This is great for businesses who have a creditable news story for their business.

–          Press release ($50 Value): This is a search engine optimized press release professionally written by a qualified and experienced public relations specialist.

–          Paid online distribution ($40 Value): We send your press release to three popular online distribution sites to get your PR across variety of related blogs and news site online.


–          200 MANUAL social bookmarks ($20 Value): Your website will be manually added to a specially selected list of 200 social bookmarking sites. These are sites with page rank which deliver more powerful links for your website.

–          Local MANUAL directory submission ($20 Value): We will search and submit your site to a variety of local directories to increase your business visibility online and boost your ranks.

–          Social Media Promotion ($20 Value): We will add real social shares and promotions for your website to help with the social signals aspect of SEO

–          Relevant textual links ($25 Value): We will add 200 relevant contextual links which is important as the stuffing to keep things afloat.

–          Local SEO initiatives ($30 Value): This will vary from site to site. Typically we’ll look for ways to help your site fare better within the specific niche you choose.

You can keep abreast with the latest work on your site for future considerations (whether with us or someone else). Here’s more that’s included with our Small Business SEO Service.

–          Service completion report ($35 Value): We will prepare a full page report underlining the work we have completed for your website upon completion. This will help you with future promotional activities.

–          Rank Tracking one Month ($5 Value): Results are important; your time is important. You will be provided regular updates of your search engine ranks without having to daily scour Google for your site.


Total estimated value = $320-$260

+ Impeccable service (priceless): Service and communication is crucial

+ Caring eye: Attention to detail is something many major firms lack. We want to understand you and your business.

+ Personal interest: A large reason why we’re expanding our services to reach local business is because I hope to meet more small business owners that make a daily impact in our community. I hope to come alongside you and provide advice where available.


You know the saying, if it’s too good to be true…

Rest assure, we mean what we say. We’re bringing this “introductory” package to you with full sincerity. At SEOtProsperity we’re interested in building networks and relationships, we believe you can get far with truly helping others. Also because we’re only recently moving our services directly to business, we want to offer a limited package that will truly WOW the small to medium business community.

Lastly, as we have been doing wholesale services for the past 3 years, this is very much in line with our typical profit margins with the exception of the extra consulting (which comes as a personal interest).



Follow up/Appendix information: Many businesses may dump an over-quoted service “value” on you for a lack of knowledge. We don’t grab value estimations out of thin air. We have tried to carefully observe current retail prices and packages currently available with an informal use of the hedonic pricing model to extract the individual price value.