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Social Media Services

Over the years we have found that social media and SEO truly goes hand in hand like your Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with a freshly baked Belgium waffle (did I mention we’re foodies?)

As such as we have social media packages to assist you with your business web presence. Currently we offer a variety of packages to suite your goals and pricing. Along with other things we do at SEOtProsperity, these social media packages will be done with diligence and results-orientated.

Package 1: Baby Plan (by Month)

– 1 engaging content for your website: Let us help you put our creativity to your business. We will develop one sharable piece of content for your website or blog.

– 10 engaging posts: Content is important, you want to engage your fans and keep your brand infront of their face. We’ll help you create and post 10 posts for either your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts.

– $30 Facebook Ads campaign to increase fans: Content is best used when it’s seen. We will help you manage $30 of Facebook ads to increase your fan base.


Package 2: Teenzille Plan

– 3 engaging content for your website

– 20 engaging posts

– $55 Facebook Ads campaign to increase fans:


Package 3: Adult Plan

– 7 engaging content for your website

– 30 Engaging posts

– $125 Facebook ads campaign to increase fans


Note: For any successful social media campaigns, it’s important that you are able to connect with the target audience niche. Please contact us with information about your business before ordering.