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Introductory SEO Solution – Great Price W/ SERP Boost

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Would you like a SEO Service that GIVES RESULTS?

Get our Power Pack 3 Stage SEO Campaign At a Great Price with our Introductory SEO Solution

I have to say that this service is nothing short of amazing! When I ordered I didn’t expect much, and was just curious to see if they could back up their claims from the sales page.I gave them one of my sites that didn’t have a lot of backlinks and I was currently not actively linking to. At that time I was ranked #26 in Google for my keyword.

They immediately started and kept me updated on the progress. I have to admit that everything took a little longer than they initially stated, but it was well worth the wait. I just received mt final report and I/m now #8 in Google for my keyword. Also my traffic has been steadily increasing, so I knew that this started to work.

I’m very happy with the results and for this price you can’t complain! I’ll place some more orders for me and some of my clients. 🙂


Placed an order June 20th and received notification today that my project was now in stage 3. I just checked my rankings and all 3 of my keywords are now on the first page of Google. Very happy with the service so far and plan on using them again in the future



The Introductory SEO Solution:
=> 3 Stage SEO Campaign (This isn’t just a simple link building campaign; it’s power pack and gives you a large diversity of links)

=> Results and ROI driven (We have had many great success with this same 3 stage SEO campaign

=> Tested and Proven (check out the reviews we had from other forum. This campaign is cheap and good and is a special with our new launch of seotprosperity.com; we have had clients stick to us and give us Thousands in orders after trying out this Introductory SEO Package.)

=> We don’t only focus on links (We don’t only focus on quality links; our link building stragety also delivers you traffic and popularity

=> Signature SECRET SAUCE (this is our Secret weapon that give you Tons of Quality, do follow links on demand. We give you links from related pages to your main site to give you a huge boost)


What you get:
Stage 1: This is our Signature Secret Sauce. After stumbling on this several months back it has been very useful in ranking sites and getting sites out of a SEO rut. We do some unique promotion for your site that gives you popularity and also instigates NATURAL QUALITY LINK…which is why GOOGLE LOVES.

Stage 2: This is another Secret weapon we use that we have applied to over 200 sites already. This is really key in getting your sites to rank fast and rank high. As usual this doesn’t give you junk links but this type of links are all about getting your site found; getting you traffic; getting you QUALITY LINKS and getting you RANKED!

Stage 3: This is not so secret stage. This is more of the support stage to give you volume in links and get your site to continue having links indexed even AFTER our Service. We like to think about our clients. We get you contextual links from articles and incontextual links which is what google Loves As well. For this stage it can vary per order we mix it up to reduce foot prints in our advantage and our client advantage.



This guy service rock.. I have tested on one website. Our UK rankings get drastically improved but NOT much on Google.com. I assume that you still working on it.

I do have couple of question now.
1) Your service get under on which hat? White, Grey or black hat?
2) I got serp boosting, now what I have to do now? Re-Purchase your service to keep maintain those rankings? Or they will get stable for a week atleast? { If the backlinks are legitimate and stable for months, I assume that my keywords will get stable on months too? )

Ps: Thanks for your prompt reply on Tickets.


I had a keyword ranking on page 2 pre panda on Google UK, which was moved to the last page post panda. Since using this service, its week 3 now and my site is back on page 2 on Google UK and Page 3 on Google US.

Still monitoring to see what happens next, Looking forward to hitting page 1 as I am yet to receive a full delivery report.


We got plenty more reviews we can link you to just give us a shout out and we’ll send you some links.



This delivers as much results as you might perhaps spend $100+ else where.