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The Delicate Art of Search Engine Optimization

Nov 11, 2011   //   by admin   //   SEOtProsperity Blog  //  No Comments

One of the things you should consider most when planning to build a website is making it search engine friendly. This is really important as having a site with very high traffic would typically do great in the business and in order to do so, you need to make it easier for people to find your site by making it rank high on search engines like Google and yahoo.

This can actually be considered as the best marketing strategy and in fact, ranking high on search engines might be the only advertisement you’ll ever need, especially if you are focusing online products or perhaps online services.

Remember that people nowadays all have lots of different gadgets that can connect the internet, be it laptops, PC’s, Smart Phones, Mp3’s and tons of other gadgets, if they need something they simply search it out online. Thus making websites the ultimate marketing tool, also this offers a much higher conversion rate since your traffic are actually the very people who might need your product or your services, increasing the chances of you earning from the very people who go in your site.

Ranking top on major search engines like Google can really change your business. Imagine people who are needing the specific services that your provide using search engines, when the results come out the most probable link they would choose would be those around on the top 5 or perhaps those included in the first page for that matter. If your site in on top of the list, there almost a 70-90% chance that people would choose your link as it is on the first page, thus also increasing the chances of earning form your products or services.

Aside from the higher earning, being on the top list would add to the credibility of your site thus creating a huge advantage over your competitors. Remember, that in the online business, your biggest weapon is the TRUST of your consumers and the CREDIBILITY of you site.

There are lots of factors in order to rank high in search engine rankings like Google. But the two general parts is On-site and Off-site, the On-site would be how you design and the main content in your website to promote trust and credibility for the every traffic that visits it, but Off-site is where the really action is. This area is the main factor on how to increase your rank on search engines which is a prime requirement of increasing your traffic.

Back linking which is the major off-site task is the most important part of being successful in your SEO venture. Without effective back linking, reaching the top ranks or the first page would simply continue as a dream. So after building a good foundation on your site put all your focus in this, while also taking care of all your clients.

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